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For Google+ Users: App Let's You Transfer Your Facebook Friends

If you are among the lucky ones who managed to nab a Google+ account, there's an app that allows you to export all your Facebook friends into Google+.

A Chrome app called Facebook Friend Exporter allows you to export your friends' information from Facebook onto a large data file that can be plugged into your Google contacts. From there, you can assign them into your Google+ Circles.

The Chrome extension also lets you export your Facebook friends onto a CSV file, but the process can be slow if you have more than 500 friends.

Here are the information that the Facebook Friend Exporter lets you extract from your Facebook friends:
- Name
- Emails
- Phone numbers
- Screen names
- Websites
- Address
- Birthdays

Over 17,400 people have downloaded the app so far. The free product was created by a software engineer named Mohamed Mansour, who says people have the right to get their contacts out of Facebook "whether they want you to or not."

"You gave them your friends and allowed them to store that data, and you have right to take it back out! Facebook doesn't own my friends," he writes in the app's description.

The app by Mansour was not created with Google+ in mind, but it has been the top choice so far for exporting Facebook friends to Google+. The extension only works on English Facebook.

Since its launch last week, Google+ has already amassed so many users that it exceeded capacity and closed down the Google+ invite mechanism. The talk all over the web is whether the social network newcomer has what it takes to dethrone Facebook, which has half a billion users. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg opened a Google+ account.

An online poll by The Christian Post found that most people believe that both Google+ and Facebook will co-exist in rivalry the same way that Coca-Cola and Pepsi do. Among the nearly 2,000 respondents, 46.9 percent said both companies will co-exist, 36.5 percent said Google+ will dethrone Facebook, and 16.6 percent said Google+ will lose to Facebook.

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