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Game of Thrones 8-Bit Fan Made Video Game Better Than Console and PC Versions

Game of Thrones 8-Bit Fan Made Video Game Better Than Console and PC Versions

Title screen for Game of Thrones 8-bit | (PHOTO: Game of Thrones 8 Bit screencap)

Game of Thrones can now add an 8 bit video game adaptation to their franchise that already includes a hugely popular TV series, books, and even board games.

However, this video game is not licensed by Game of Thrones, but fan-made and actually pretty good, according to reviews.

This is not the first time GoT has been adapted to a video game. A Game of Thrones: Genesis and RPG Game of Thrones have not taken on the success of the show, and have received lackluster reviews.

The game is made very much in the style of classic NES games such as Mario or other platforms circa that era.

Game of Thrones 8-bit was made by a Uruguay comic artist named Abel Alves.

"The world of GoT is very easy to transform into a platform game," Alves wrote in an interview with the Atlantic Wire. "You have great battles, fantasy creatures, cool characters ... so the decision was clear [to make the game]."

The game, players are able to control some of the main characters of the show including Tyrion, Jon Snow, and Daenerys and even has 8-bit renditions of one of the themes of the show, according to the Atlantic Wire.

"I preferred the fun, not the fidelity, so you will see things that are not exactly as you can see in the books, or the TV show," Alves explained of differences between his game and the real adventures of the characters.

"Who knows, maybe I could make a sequel, in the near future," he added.

Download the Game of Thrones video game for free here.


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