Pokemon X and Y News: Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter to Allow Transfer from DS Black and White Games

Nintendo announced that gamers will be able to transfer over their Pokemon from Generation V games in the upcoming Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS.

However, the transfer will not be able to take place from the get go. Gamers will have to wait until December to use this feature that will arrive as an app.

Players will be able to go back one generation of games to Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 for the DS once they download two apps, Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter, on December 27.

Pokemon Bank will available through the 3DS eShop for free. Upon downloading the app, users will be able to access the game's save data and then upload the monsters to a cloud (bank) storage system on the Internet.

Nintendo will allow up to 3,000 Pokemon over 100 boxes to be stored, and they can be accessed at anytime.

Also important to note, if Pokemon Bank is set up before February 1, the gamer will have a 30-day free trial of the service. Once that expires, or a gamer signs up after, a fee of $4.99 a year will be issued.

It is unclear what will happen if a user fails to pay the subscription, however, one can speculate the account will be suspended and the data will be held for an extended period of time until the user pays and it can be restored.

The Poke Transporter is a completely free app that will also be available in the 3DS eShop. This app will only work if used with Pokemon Bank.

This app will be the connection between the old games and the new one. Once a character is transferred from the DS games to X and Y it is final. There is no trading back to the older games.

Full info here.

Yesterday reports of a street date leak surfaced on the Internet. Someone had illegally purchased the game and posted footage online.

According to the report, this person said they decided to take the pictures down and return an early copy of the game to keep himself and a video game shop friend out of trouble.

"Nintendo flew a representative out this afternoon and went to the local game shop where I picked up X. The Nintendo rep had said heads were rolling at Nintendo because of the leaks. I gave up my copy of the game to try and help keep the local game shop out of trouble and to keep my friend from losing his job," said the person on their site according to Kotaku.

He initially posted before the detailed explanation, "I no longer have the copy of PokemonX so I can't leak anymore details than what I already have."

The gamer also revealed that there will be 700 Pokemon in the new game.

The game will be released in seven languages worldwide on Oct. 12 for the 3DS.

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