Jon Campbell

Christian Post Contributor

Air Algerie Flight Found in Mali Just Days After Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Shot Down

The missing plane has been found near the village of Boulikessi in Mali, according to reports out today. Officials confirmed that the Air Algerie flight that dropped off radar Thursday had been found, but that no survivors have been found. The latest devastating blow to the airline industry comes just days after a second Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down over eastern Ukraine in a pro-Russian rebel held area.

Killeen Police Shooting: 2 Officers Shot, 2 Suspects in Custody

A Killeen police shooting has seen two police officers injured, with one being left in critical condition in Texas on Friday. A 49-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman have been arrested for allegedly shooting the officers, and they are being held pending charges being brought in a Killeen City jail cell.

Bob Costas Pink Eye Spreads to Both Eyes: NBC Winter Olympics 2014 Host's Eye Infection Spreads, Matt Lauer to Step-In (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Bob Costas, who is currently hosting NBC's Winter Olympic 2014 coverage from Sochi, Russia, has been seen for much of the first week of the Games with one pink eye – explaining early on that he had an eye infection. However, things seem to have gotten more difficult for the presenter as on Monday night he was shown to have pink eye in both eyes.

Man Killed for Winter Olympic Ring Malfunction at Sochi Opening Ceremony? Thousands on Social Media Spread Rumor of Dead Technician in Russia - But Is It True? (VIDEO)

Social media rumors have claimed that the man responsible for the 2014 Winter Olympic ring failing to open at the Sochi Opening Ceremony has been found dead. The rumors quickly spiraled out of control on social media sites Facebook and Twitter over the weekend, however, the rumors now appear to have been proven completely false.