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10 Commandments of Purity

10 Commandments of Purity

King David was on the edge and the ledge of the palace roof, far from the center where he would have been safe. It just took one more look before he took a head dive into the cesspool of adultery and rebellion (2 Samuel 11).

You've read about it. David took a stroll to the edge to get a look at Bathsheba, and he followed it up with a simple text message, "Come meet me." Where he should have been was on the battlefield, leading the charge into war. Sadly, though, his decisions cost mass confusion and collateral damage not only for himself, but for so many around him.

Marriage is facing a modern day war. The great news is that God has given us the ability to win! We have the power and ability to be an example to the world of what true commitment is all about.

Lisa and I have been married for nearly 30 years. We don't profess to have the perfect marriage; but we do have an example of strength, endurance and commitment that lasts far beyond any temptation or struggle we face. And we've developed what we call our "10 Commandments of Purity" to help us stay far away from the edge and ledge of temptation. I hope these help you in your marriage as well!

1) I shall have no other human relationship before Lisa. Yes, that even means the kids. Remember, kids leave; parents stay!

2) Remember your date night and keep it holy. Have a day each week where the two of you spend time alone – no kids, no technology. Just you and your spouse reconnecting.

3) Honor Lisa on anniversaries and special days so that you may live long in the land the Lord has given you.

4) I shall not take the covenant of marriage in vain. Marriage isn't a contract; it's a covenant – a blood bond for life. Don't feel your way into this commitment. Commit your way into the feelings that follow.

5) I shall not ride in a car or eat in a restaurant alone with a member of the opposite sex. I realize for some, this is not possible. Your career requires it. But put something in place that helps you avoid any chance of someone to misunderstand what is happening.

6) I shall not travel alone. Again, this is to avoid any kind of misinterpretation people would have.

7) I shall not counsel a woman behind closed doors. In fact, I never enter a room with a woman with a closed door if there's not someone else present.

8) I shall not share the details of my marriage with others. The intimate aspects of your marriage are not for the world. Don't broadcast them to anyone else other than your spouse.

9) I shall not watch, read or expose myself to sexually explicit shows, books, websites, etc. No explanation needed for this one!

10) I shall remember the implications of committing adultery. Borrow some pain from the future, and choose to make those decisions that will help you avoid it!