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10 Times Barack Obama Pleased Evangelicals

10 Times Barack Obama Pleased Evangelicals

Obamas make church visit | Reuters

4. Personal Role Model

Even when disagreeing with social issues policies, conservative evangelicals are known to respect Obama as a good role model and father figure.

For example, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly wrote in a blog entry from 2009 that the nation needs "more families like the Obamas."

"President Obama appears to be a good husband and a good father — and that's a good thing. We need more men like that — men committed to their families — in this nation," said Daly.

"I don't agree with this President when it comes to abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, 'hate-crimes' legislation, the economy and a long list of other issues ... But this one he got right. And it's important for me, as a Christian first and a conservative second, to point that out when I see it."

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