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5 interesting facts about George HW Bush

5 interesting facts about George HW Bush

Celebrated his 80th, 85th, and 90th birthdays by skydiving

Former president George H.W. Bush about to skydive to celebrate his 90th birthday in 2014. | YouTube/USA Today

Even after becoming a senior citizen, George H.W. Bush was not above going on adventurous pursuits, like celebrating multiple birthdays by skydiving.

The former president jumped out of planes with a parachute and some professional help to celebrate his 80th in 2004, 85th in 2009, and 90th in 2014, respectively.

When asked following his 2009 jump how his wife reacted when he landed, Bush responded that “I think she was happy,” adding that she had been “very supportive” of his birthday tradition.


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