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iPhone 5 Release Date Likely to be June 15

iPhone 5 Release Date Likely to be June 15

Following Apple's successful launch of its third generation iPad, Apple-lovers are now shifting their attention with anticipation towards the iPhone 5, with the release date ordinarily coming between summer and fall.

No precise date has been confirmed by Apple, however, experts are increasingly pointing to a June release date, with June 15 in particular being favored among a number of commentators.

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According to the iPhone 5 News Blog June 15 will be the final day of an unidentified conference suspected to be the 2012 WWDC, Apple's traditional developers expo. The event is rumored to last for a week from June 11 to 15.

The date seems to match the speculated release date of Appel's new operating system, the iOS 6. The WWDC event has been used as a release platform for new Apple operating systems for the past four years.

iPhone 5 Blog writer Michael Nace has asked, "But what about the last day of the WWDC? If you are in the camp of rumor followers who believe (or at the very least hope) that the iPhone 5 will be launched in June, wouldn't June 15 be a reasonable guess for its announcement?"

Nace also explained that an "inside source" in Asia had told him in November that a June release date was to be expected.

Fueling the rumor mill has been a recent announcement that Foxconn has gone on a hiring spree, where more than 200,000 workers have been brought on, as well as the news that Texas Instruments has also been producing power chips, indicating that production has begun.

The iPhone 5 will reportedly support 4G LTE technology.


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