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UK Gov't Legally Murders Unfit Children

UK Gov't Legally Murders Unfit Children

UK baby Alfie Evans in an undated video with his parents coating his lips with chocolate. | (Screenshot: 5 News via Alfies Army Official Facebook)

The U.K. government was successful in committing the murder of another terminally ill child. First it was Charlie Gard and now Alfie Evans was the latest sacrifice for the National Health Service and those within the U.K. Government who sympathize with the NHS. In spite of those who were willing to take the monetary burdens off not only the NHS and its respected taxpayers in the U.K., its Courts sided with Alder Hey Children's Hospital and soon enough Evans died at the hands of a government who feels that if you're too weak to live, you must be exterminated. Never mind Doctor Who's long time sadist serial murdering aliens the Daleks. The NHS is the closet thing to those giant tin salt and pepper looking travel machines.

Yes, the lack of money and funding eventually does prove that socialized medicine is set to fail. The real push for government run health care is really about power and control over the masses. They just have to convince the masses that the government will take care of them from cradle to the grave for little to no cost. Time and time again that promise has proven to be a lie.

"I will take care of you" is the siren song of statism, and one should realize that taking care of people can not just be done in a positive way but also in a NEGATIVE WAY! The best example of this in the pop culture can be in seen in the series finale episode of the "Operation Overdrive" season of the longer running children's action series "Power Rangers." The now proven alpha villain of the series Flurious tells his loyal but dimwitted henchyeti Norg that his services are no longer needed and Flurious orders his foot solders called the Chillers to "take care" of Norg and a young humanoid prisoner girl. While Norg at first likes the idea of being "taken care" of, the prisoner correctly tells him that it means to "get rid of us." Being a children's show you don't say point blank to kill the yeti and the humanoid but that is exactly what Flurious wanted. Don't worry, they were able to fight back and escape and Norg found refuge with the mentor of the Overdrive Power Rangers.

Sadly in the real world, evil does score certain victories, and yes God allows it for his greater agenda. Pope Francis in spite of his socialist leanings wanted to give refuge to Alfie Evans including Italian citizenship. He wanted to give relief to the NHS as well the U.K. taxpayer in order to save Alife's life. Yet this government run hospital in Liverpool called Alder Hey coupled their judiciary said No, thus sentencing an innocent child to death. I doubt they will have a party celebrating another child sacrifice, but they might as well. Certain forces of evil truly do...for they are that self-absorbed.

While certain advocates for life point to the Terri Schiavo case and how our government allowed her husband Michael to end her life over the objections of her immediate family, at least the final decision was decided by Michael Schiavo who had legal custody, and apparently felt that Terri would not want to live (and it was claimed that Terri had this discussion with her husband) like a "vegetable." Our government did side with Michael in the end.

In the cases of Charlie and Alfie, it is hands down a decision made by the U.K. state. For these hospitals (along with its doctors and nurses) that are run by the U.K. state, and as such they did pass a death sentence which they felt was in the best interests of the child. Freelance journalist Hillary Freeman who appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain does present an omen, however. Other than pointing out local Catholic Bishops that sided with Alder Hey, Freeman defended her decision to have an abortion back in 2012 when it was discovered that her unborn child had a rare disorder. Back then she claimed that she felt like a murderer, according to a Daily Mail story. Well I guess her heart was only hardened only making it easier for advocates of eugenics to advance their long-suffering agenda once more. Not to mention the likes of Freeman siding with death over life.

If the Christians don't speak up on this issue right now and push back (coupled with our own issues of ObamaCare) then the eugenics ghouls and others who love death (Proverbs 8:36) will finally score a long-term victory. Make no mistake when certain people realize they can legally murder someone, many will take it up. Murder might hurt the first time, but like a serial killer it gets easier if not pleasurable for these mentally disturbed people. This is one reason why God set up a place called hell which was only intended for his fallen son Lucifer and the angels who made the decision to go along with him.

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