Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Christian Post Guest Columnist


  • Is Brewing Tea Dangerous?

    As someone who believes that the Tea Party movement is a return to foundational American values, I suggest a PR makeover.

  • Why This War on the Poor?

    Driving up energy costs is a course of action that economically traumatizes \"the last and the least\" of America\'s citizens

  • Reforming Healthcare Reform

    Quality healthcare for all will undoubtedly not be the result of Sunday night\'s vote. Some of the most pressing problems in our national healthcare industry have not been addressed.

  • The Millennial Mission Field

    I am convinced they can be reached, empowered, and mobilized …but not with the same old tired rhetoric and judgmental approaches.

  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

    Most of us remember the stellar advertising campaign A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste designed at giving underprivileged college students a bite at the educational apple.

  • Respect Yourself

    \"Black children are an endangered species.\" Despite opponents\' vitriol, the billboard campaign is both tasteful and historic.

  • No Longer Sarah Plain and Tall!

    Last week Sarah Palin appeared on Bill O\'Reilley\'s show discussing a crude joke levied at her on the animated television show, "The Family Guy."

  • Unfair and Unbalanced: The Washington Post

    I was not surprised that a recent Washington Post article gleefully asserted, "DC\'s left leanings confirmed in poll."

  • Freedom Forgotten

    Courts and legislators seem compelled to ignore polls and the heartfelt values of the people.

  • The Race 'Wall'

    Transforming America\'s racial and cultural dynamics is a lot like running a marathon. The only major differences are time and course.