Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist


  • America's divided identity

    For some time now, various news articles have been claiming that Americans are just as divided as they were before the Civil War and query as to whether we’re headed for another one. God forbid. 

  • Accepting God's gifts gracefully

    Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to exercise more, eat healthier, or reduce stress, I want to challenge you to receive directly from God.

  • Unblinding the Lost

    I‘ve always been desperate to reach the lost, and because of that, I’m continually pleading with God to save them. ...

  • The problem with holier-than-thou Hollywood

    Did you ever stop to wonder who granted moral authority to famous actors and actresses? Did you ever ask yourself why ...

  • A Gospel for gamers?

    A New Testament inspired role-playing video game called "I Am Jesus Christ" is set to be released early next year and ...

  • Fighting for faith in the US Army

    The U.S. Army’s licensing office has banned a faith-based company from engraving Bible verses on Army-licensed dog tags and jewelry, an action that has outraged at least one member of Congress. 

  • Raising teens who are ready for trouble

    Kids today are under more pressure than ever before. They’re also more anxious than any generation of kids before. ...

  • Are millennials coming back to church?

    "The rise of the nones" is the attention-grabbing phrase used to describe the well-documented increase in the percentage of Americans who, when queried by survey researchers about their religious identification, say "none."

  • A Christian's pilgrimage to the Holy Land

    In his album, “Resurrection Letters,” Andrew Peterson describes, in a song called “Maybe Next Year,” how a visit to ...