Sarah Freymuth


  • How to handle disappointment

    If we allow Him access to the places inside of us that hurt and listen to what He might be whispering to us through them, growth takes place — deep growth, lasting growth, and pruning growth.

  • How do we fuel up on God’s grace?

    So much in life can drain us, and we can quickly start running on empty. But we have grace as God’s greatest fuel that doesn’t only fill us up, but it keeps us replenished.

  • Tired of trying to keep up?

    Ever get tired of trying to keep up? With the latest craze on social media, with your peers, with the expectations of parents, coaches, and fans? It’s exhausting, and if we’re honest, it can feel like what we do is never enough.

  • If what you do is gone, who are you?

    If everything you’ve worked so hard for, everything you’ve poured hours and effort into, was stripped away and taken from you, where would that leave you?

  • The world looks at potential differently than how God sees it

    There is a greater purpose wrapped up in your potential when your potential is wrapped up in Him!

  • The secret to a different kind of boldness

    We are fearless because we believe we have what it takes to succeed.

  • When you look strong but are crumbling inside

    We want to give the impression we can handle the weight, but inside, we’re really crumbling.

  • But this isn’t how God works

    When we want to strengthen our faith, we hope for easy training where we can see fast results and avoid anything that’s hard. But this isn’t how God works.

  • Called to something more

    God’s goodness compels us to love, lead and disciple for the sake of His Kingdom. He’s put specific people around us that He has entrusted to us. Let’s accept His invitation and embrace His call to bring His salvation to everyone. You are called. Now go and tell.

  • Newness in Christ

    This is a wonderful adventure you never expected. He has begun something great in you and wants to work it out every day in every way — we need to get used to new.