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Billy Graham's Early Ministry and 7 Powerful Sermons

Billy Graham's Early Ministry and 7 Powerful Sermons

TED Talk in 1998

The Reverend Billy Graham giving a TED Talk in 1998. | (Screenshot: YouTube/TED Talk)

It might be a surprise to many, but back in February 1998 Billy Graham delivered remarks at a conference hosted by the nonprofit TED.

Short for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, TED Talks generally focus on experts with the topics of education, business, science, technology, and creativity.

At the opening of his remarks, Graham admitted to those gathered that he felt like a "fish out of water" and "an owl out of the air."

Graham's TED Talk focused on how while technology and science can improve lives, human nature can only improve through accepting Jesus Christ.

"Have you ever thought about what a contradiction we are? On one hand, we can probe the deepest secrets of the universe and dramatically push back the frontiers of technology, as this conference vividly demonstrates," declared Graham.

"But on the other hand, something is wrong. Our battleships, our soldiers, are on a frontier now, almost ready to go to war with Iraq. Now, what causes this? Why do we have these wars in every generation, and in every part of the world? And revolutions? We can't get along with other people, even in our own families."

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