Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist


  • Arkansas' stand for life

    In a victory for the pro-life movement, a federal court has allowed abortion restrictions in Arkansas to take effect, denying the request of pro-abortion groups seeking to invalidate the laws.

  • Don't be afraid — God is with you!

    The verse Isaiah 41:10, which is about God’s promise for strength and help, was the verse that was bookmarked, highlighted and shared the most in 2020.

  • Pinpoint your church's mission: go local!

    Whether your church is open for in-person worship or is meeting solely through online platforms, the pandemic has changed the way we do church.

  • The Church's problem with biblical illiteracy

    The biggest crisis facing the evangelical, global church today is the growing lack of biblical literacy worldwide, according to Thomas Schirrmacher, the newly elected secretary-general of the World Evangelical Alliance.

  • Lee Strobel on the trail of the real Christmas

    Lee Strobel has announced the launch of a free, four-week online video Bible study, which will investigate the historical and logical veracity of the account of the birth and divinity of Jesus beginning Nov. 30.

  • In COVID times, Christ's Gospel reaches out

    The Gospel has advanced powerfully in 2020, Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association President Franklin Graham told The Christian Post.

  • Rebuilding a broken world

    Pastors, your role at this time is not easy.

  • Generation Z's pandemic prayer

    Generation Z Americans have relied on faith more than other generations during the pandemic, according to a report by the law firm Becket focused on religious freedom issues.

  • America's biblical roadmap

    A prominent researcher has unveiled a roadmap illustrating how the United States can restore its biblical worldview, which has significantly eroded.

  • A treacherous journey to faith and freedom

    At 17 years old, Sookyung Kang took the 3,000-mile journey from North Korea to freedom because she wanted to worship God.