Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist


  • Reading the Bible — In any language!

    The Bible has been translated in its entirety into more than 700 different languages, meaning that over 5.7 billion people now have both the Old and New Testaments in their native tongue. 

  • The heartache of a fallen pastor

    It seems like in these days there are so many pastors having moral failures that we can’t even keep up with it.

  • Doctors and nurses choose life!

    More than 130 medical professionals have signed a letter in support of a proposed late-term abortion ban for the state of Colorado

  • Praying for the nation in 2020

    As he prepares to lead a prayer march in Washington, D.C., next week, evangelist Franklin Graham said the dire problems besetting the country are ones only God can solve, and time is short.

  • Is your pastor struggling?

    Megachurch pastor and popular author David Platt will hold a special night of prayer for pastors this week as some church leaders he’s spoken with during the COVID-19 pandemic have told him they are struggling more than ever. 

  • The perilous future of designer genes

    Man-made disasters, on the other hand, are almost entirely avoidable, but quite often, we become victims of ideologies and collective pride.

  • China's Christian children in the crosshairs

    A court in China’s southern Fujian province has summoned a house church preacher and his wife for not sending his children to public school and homeschooling them, according to a watchdog.

  • Keeping the faith in the game of politics

    Eric Metaxas, a New York Times bestselling author, encouraged young Christians to stay involved in politics because it's God who placed them in the positions where they're serving. 

  • Childhood dreams trapped by a pandemic

    The lockdown has impacted the poorest of the poor in a disproportionate way.

  • TikTok evangelism changes an atheist's life!

    A new viral video has thousands of people praising God after a TikTok user said she was once an atheist but has since come to God due to the Christian content the popular app exposed her to.