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11 Companies Designated 'Mainstream Facilitators' of Sexual Exploitation

11 Companies Designated 'Mainstream Facilitators' of Sexual Exploitation

YouTube unveiled their new paid subscription service at the YouTube Space LA in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, United States October 21, 2015. | (Photo: REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)


The only video sharing platform YouTube, which is owned by Google, came under fire in 2017 for hosting videos that, NCOSE says, targeted children and put children's characters in "sexual charged or violent situations."

According to NCOSE, many of those graphic videos received revenue via YouTube Advertising.

Although YouTube has reacted to the backlash by terminating over 270 accounts and removing hundreds of thousands of videos, NCOSE argues that YouTube is "still rife with problems."

Such problems include having simple search terms — such as "how to have" — autocomplete with child sex themes.

"While YouTube is fixing problems ad hoc whenever they receive concentrated media attention, the website does little to proactively monitor or restrict inappropriate content and it forces users to go through a rigorous process if they want to report the content for removal," NCOSE contends. "It appears that whenever they can get away with it, YouTube allows inappropriate content to remain on its platform in order to generate views and more profit."

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