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11 Companies Designated 'Mainstream Facilitators' of Sexual Exploitation

11 Companies Designated 'Mainstream Facilitators' of Sexual Exploitation

Twitter acquired Vine in October 2012. | Reuters/Brendan McDermid


One of the world's most popular social media and news distribution platforms Twitter is also serving as a platform to "disseminate hardcore pornography and facilitate prostitution," NCOSE warns.

According to experts, as many as 10 million Twitter accounts are devoted to pornopgraphy.

"Twitter has come under fire recently for the vast amount of cyber-based sexual harassment, revenge pornography, and even sexually exploited images of children on its platform," the list explains. "We know that pornography is inherently tied to cyber-based sexual harassment, whether in the form of revenge pornography, being spammed with pornography, or having one's virtual identity co-opted by tags to pornography."

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