Only Slim Majority of Americans Believe in God of Bible, Numbers Decline Among Gen X, Millennials

Although some 80 percent of Americans say they believe in God, only a slim majority of the nation's approximately 327 million people believe in God as described in the Bible, according to results of a new study released by the Pew Research Center. And among those younger than 50, belief in the God of the Bible drops lower than 50 percent.

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Megachurch Pastor Les Hughey Resigns After 7 Women Accuse Him of Sexual Abuse

Arizona megachurch pastor Les Hughey has officially resigned as senior pastor at Highlands Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, after several women accused the church founder of taking sexual advantage of them decades ago as teenagers and young women.


Irish Priest's 'Britain's Got Talent' Performance Goes Viral; Simon Cowell Is Moved With Emotion

Father Ray Kelly, a priest from a Catholic parish in Oldcastle, Co Meath, Ireland, stunned judges on "Britain's Got Talent" this week with his rendition of the classic song "Everybody Hurts" by the band REM. The performance even made Simon Cowell well up with emotion.


Gog, Magog, Russia, Syria and the Biblical End Times

Are we living in the biblical end times? That's a question that has consistently emerged over the past two millennia, with scores of Christians wondering when Jesus' second coming will unfold. It's a topic that famed Christian author Joel Rosenberg has often discussed, as the prophecy expert routinely shares what he believes the Bible says about the end of days.


'True American Hero': The Faith of the Southwest Airlines Pilot


Tammie Jo Shults is now famous as the pilot who landed Flight 1380 after an engine exploded in the air. She guided the plane down after a twenty-thousand-foot drop in six minutes, then walked down the aisle hugging passengers. Passengers described her as having "nerves of steel" and being a "true American hero."


Christians Must Stop Tolerating Others!


To be tolerant of another is to say, "I don't approve of you! I don't agree with you, but I'll put up with you because I'm tolerant." Would you want to be on the receiving end of this sentiment? We must ask ourselves, is this a good thing? Is it good to be tolerant?


How Americans Can Deal With Our Pain


There is a lot of pain in America. In the last five years, Americans have lived under great stress, deep division, nuclear threat, terroristic intimidation, political unrest, gender confusion, multiple crises, endless tragedies, mass shootings, and continual revelations of sexual harassment and unethical behavior.

Free Speech for All at Stake After Conservatives Censored


Beyond an obvious political agenda, the biased censorship practiced by these so-called neutral public forums threatens the very freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. Americans of all political stripes should be alarmed by these moves to silence opposing viewpoints.

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3 Prayer Priorities for America for April 2018

We have never been where we are today as a nation. While division abounds in almost every segment of America, it is time to cry out to God in prayer for America. No longer can the people of God be silent before the Lord.

When Christian Conservatives Are Compared to the 9/11 Terrorists

You may have thought I was overstating things in my recent article, "Will California Go from Banning Religious Books to Burning Them?" You may have thought I was exaggerating when I referenced LGBT activists who compared Christian conservatives to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Be assured that there was not a word of hyperbole in what I wrote. The truth is unsettling enough.


Should Down Syndrome Babies Be Aborted?


Since I believe life begins at conception and is sacred from that moment to natural death, obviously I oppose the decision to abort a child. Let's consider this issue in the context of congenital conditions.


Japan's Secret to Long Life Was Never Really a Secret


The Guinness Book of World Records recently identified Masazo Nonakaas of Japan as the oldest living man. He is over 112 years old. Some contribute this longevity to a Japanese concept known as "Ikigai." The principles described in "Ikigai" are ancient Judeo-Christian values.


America's Youth in Crisis


I want you to realize that millions of teenagers go to bed every night in this country not having a clue that there is a father God who will protect them. They trust no one.


Has California Lost Its Mind?


Google "California school district says parents can't pull kids from new LGBT sex ed," and you can read the alarming article for yourself. A "toolkit" that offers kids tips on using sex toys and doing things that cannot be written in this article is one of the controversial aspects, and parents may not be able to opt out. Our arrogance as a state, and as a nation, is appalling.


Would You Attend a Gay Wedding?

Someone asks "I have friends who are gay and planning a wedding. They know my beliefs on homosexuality — that it is not God's creative design. I'm expecting to receive a wedding invite anytime. What should I do?"

I Was at the Wheaton Meeting; It Wasn't 'Crazy Trump Bashing'


News has been spreading about the meeting of 50 ethnically and denominationally diverse evangelical leaders at Wheaton College earlier this week to discuss the current condition of the movement. Unfortunately, some sources and reporters who were not at the gathering have been framing it as a "crazy Trump bashing" spectacle (CBN News) that led some to "walk out of the meeting" in protest (Fox News).


Courts and the Cause of Christ: Why Christians Need to Care


Why should Christians care about cases such as Masterpiece Cakeshop? Do cases like this take us away from the centrality of gospel proclamation? Shouldn't Jack Phillips, Joanna Duka, and Breanna Koski just lay down their rights in the face of opposition for the sake of being like Jesus?