Planet Fitness Revokes Woman's Membership for Complaining About Trans-Identified Man in Locker Room

A Planet Fitness gym in Florida has revoked a woman's membership after she voiced discomfort with a man, who claimed to be a transgender woman, being in the locker room while she was changing clothes, according to a complaint.

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Christian Magistrate Fired for Views on Gay Adoption Allowed to Appeal Tribunal Ruling

A British magistrate who was denied re-employment at two jobs over his belief that adopted children are better off with heterosexual couples instead of same-sex couples, has been granted the right to appeal an earlier employment tribunal ruling against him.


Jesus, Immigration, and My Critics


As a blonde female, and as a pastor, this isn't the first time someone has called me stupid. Sadly, it comes with the territory. And while the Bible may say turn the other cheek, it does not say allow bullies to treat you like a punching bag.


#MeToo and Humanae Vitae


What do present-day Hollywood sex scandals have to do with a 50-year-old papal encyclical? In Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI clearly recognized that the gift of sex, by its nature, can easily devolve into self-interested mutual use, or even unilateral imposition, if it is not ordered to a good held in common: in particular, children.


In Reply to a Beloved Brother Regarding the Kavanaugh SCOTUS Nomination


John C. Richards, Jr., a self-described "Christian person of color," is expressing concern over the potential impacts the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. His dissatisfaction with Kavanaugh's nomination seems to be proffered in such a way as to suggest that black Christians are, or should be, primarily, if not solely, concerned about matters that subjectively fall under the ever-expanding and ambiguous banner of "social justice."

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5 MORE Unbiblical Statements That Christians Believe

About three years ago, I wrote an article titled 9 Unbiblical Statements That Christians Believe, and it really struck a nerve with people. Sadly, the list doesn't stop with just nine of these unbiblical statements. There are many of them that are cultural teachings and spiritual sounding clichés that have snuck into the Church, got baptized, and then joined the ranks of our jargon.


How to Pray for Revival


This month has seen some huge judicial victories for God's people here in America. Yet I sometimes wonder: have we forgotten the victory that must precede all the others? I fear that we often do forget.


How to Kill a Revival


My heart sank. With great sadness I said what was on my heart to say. "Pastor, please tell your people that this deeply grieves the Spirit of God. That no man or woman should ever expect God to fit into their schedule."

Guarding the Heart of the Church


What would be your reaction to me saying that the Church is being defiled? I mean, given all that is happening with what many have come to acknowledge as an ill-advised relationship between particular segments of the Church and politics, and the moral and ethical compromise born of that relationship, wouldn't you say so? Or would you say that I am overreacting?